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"Experiencing God in the Ordinary, Reflections on the Closeness of God" is a book that explores how God is present in our everyday lives. It offers insights into the ways in which God is actively involved in our personal experiences, leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation of God's closeness. Through its compelling and inspiring reflections, readers are encouraged to claim their inner peace, security, and confidence in the light and love of God. This book serves as a reminder that God deeply cares for each individual, providing comfort and guidance in the ordinary moments of life.

What Others Are Saying:

"Experiencing GOD In The Ordinary” is a phenomenal read designed strictly for the ordinary person facing extraordinary challenges. Do yourself a favor and delve into this book of love, inspiration, and deserve it!!

Tamara Toney-McCall, M.S. 

Executive Director

Oops Conflict Resolution

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