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Experiencing the Connectedness of God

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

There is meaning and depth to everything written in the bible. On the surface, there may seem to be an obvious meaning and understanding. However, beneath the surface, a goldmine of meaning and depth of understanding is waiting to be discovered. The Holy Spirit is waiting to take you into the deeper places of God if only you would avail yourself.

We are connected. We share physical makeup language and other similarities. But on a closer and deeper level, we are truly connected. What affects you affects me, and vice versa. This is not an accident or coincidence. It is an internal function put in place, by design, by God. It works best when we work and live together, creating community.

The Holy Spirit is our counselor: guiding us on what we should do, which way we should go and what not to do, and the way in which we should not go. God speaks to us in very direct ways. The Holy Spirit is the conviction of our spirit that guides us in the ways of God.

We gain an understanding of the ways of God through our daily experiences when we are obedient to the Holy Spirit - when we are living out of the purity of our hearts - loving everyone more than ourselves. When we live a life of sacrifice - not just in physical giving but also emotionally, thinking of others more than ourselves, considering the needs of others before our own, this (kind of love) is pleasing to God. We are capable of this way of love through the holy spirit.

God also uses each of us to do the work in others. Not we ourselves, but the Holy Spirit orchestrates on our behalf. It is the Holy Spirit that causes "all things to work together for the good of those who love the Lord." We are all called according to God's purpose, but it is our free will that allows or prevents us from responding to the call toward God's purpose. God's purpose is the fulfillment of God's kingdom here on earth. A kingdom where everyone is equal and in full worship of God: worshiping through our acts of kindness toward one another, worshiping with our selfless giving and sacrifice toward one another. A kingdom, or commonwealth, where everyone has an equal share in everything - regardless of our differences. The kingdom comes when measuring ceases.

The work of the Holy Spirit convicts our hearts - turns us inwardly toward God (love), and selfless sacrifice for and on behalf of others. As we live according to the will of God, God's kingdom begins to manifest. God uses each of us in the building of his kingdom. The holy spirit uses each of us to help build the other, with love. It is the connectedness of God that is brought about as we care for and sacrifice for one another. It is critical to our well-being that we begin to explore and seek out a connectedness existence - not on an existential level, but in the very real and physical realm. We must avail ourselves of the truth of God's word, and of the move of the holy spirit. We must open our eyes and acknowledge, first, our own tendency toward selfishness. We must ask the Holy Spirit to reshape our hearts and our lives so that the needs of others become a priority over our own; emotional needs more so than physical needs. We, simply put, must love each other in sacrificial ways. Each touch of a life must be done with delicate and caring words. Our actions toward one another must be tender and gentle. We must strive to not damage one another. This is the connectedness of God.

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