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This Could Be The Book For You!

Experiencing God in the Ordinary, Reflections on the Closeness of God is a collection of my thoughts, experiences, and processes along my journey into ministry and deeper into my relationship with God.

Many of the reflections were written after an encounter where God intersected and intervened in my daily life experience. A few were written as God walked alongside me or carried me through the valleys and over the hills of struggle, sickness, joys, and victory.

This book is for you if you've ever had a chance experience that proved too significant to be a coincidence. It's for you if you've ever wondered and desired to discern the movement of God in the world, particularly in your life. This book is definitely for you if you've sought the love of God and discovered it was ever-present and gloriously magnified in every waking moment.

Lastly, this book is for you who are often weary and seek to experience the presence of God in the pages and shared words of this book.

Be encouraged. Be of good faith. God who has begun a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus when my life and your life will be made perfect. Until then, rely on the strength, power, and victory freely given in every waking moment. Experience God in your ordinary.

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